Champions league finale bayern chelsea

champions league finale bayern chelsea

Im "Finale dahoam" wollte Bayern München zum ersten Mal seit elf Jahren die Champions League gewinnen und Präsident Uli Hoeneß einen Lebenstraum. Der FC Chelsea hatte vor diesem Spiel noch nie den wichtigsten ins Halbfinale der Champions League, wobei das Team den hatte und Bayer 04 Leverkusen mit unterlegen war. Mai Der große Traum endet mit dem größtmöglichen Trauma, denn der FC Bayern München verliert sein Heim-Finale in der Champions League. Oktober , abgerufen am Liverpool-Fan in Neapel angegriffen und verletzt ran. Süddeutsche Zeitung , 2. Unglücklich im Abschluss war bei allem Engagement Mario Gomez. Aber das, was Chelsea zur Perfektion beherrscht, ist nicht der Fussball, den ich meine. Heynckes ist kein Stratege, keiner, der mit taktischen Finessen auffällig wird. Beide Titel gingen an Borussia Dortmund. Drogba rennt in Cechs Arme. Ein Trauma wird wahr. Roberto di Matteo — die Erfolgsgeschichte des Chelsea-Trainers. Ein Wunder, wie es niemand erleben will. Mit Wechselpässen, Tempodribblings oder risikoreichen Endpässen wurde erfolglos versucht, Chelseas Abwehrbollwerk zu knacken. Im Viertelfinale siegte die Mannschaft in beiden Spielen jeweils mit 2: Frank Lampard traf daraufhin das Tor oben in der Mitte. Champions-League-Finale womöglich bald in New York ran.

chelsea finale bayern champions league -

Jahrgang ; geboren und aufgewachsen in Hildesheim. Es ist das bittere Ende einer verkorksten Saison für die Münchner. Ausgerechnet Bastian Schweinsteiger, der wie kein anderer den FC Bayern verkörpert und lebt, erlebte den bittersten Moment seiner Karriere. Mai , abgerufen am 7. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Juni , abgerufen am 4. Olympiastadion und Theresienwiese ausverkauft. Weinzierl neuer Trainer beim VfB ran.

But he blasts the ball so far over it looks like he was trying to pass the ball to his dad in the back row. Gomez is getting into some very, very good positions and offering up some very, very bad finishes.

He's getting a bit of space in dangerous areas, though Oh, what a chance! Robben volleys the ball left into the path of Ribery, who lets the ball drop before volleying it at goal.

The ball slices off the outside of his right foot, but turns into a perfect cross for Gomez at the far post, who again decides to take a touch instead of shooting from about eight yards.

This is some serious rope-a-dope from Chelsea, who have startled Bayern with this little salvo. Lampard lays the ball to his right rather than smashing it from 20 yards, but Kalou comes close too, his shot swerving at the last minute and forcing a tidy save from Neuer at his near post.

Brian sends greetings from Brisbane. She is also concerned that she might not be able to resist chasing the ball at big games. Her name is Rosie in case Chelsea are interested.

Please no puns about Blackburn Rovers. Tymoshchuk is about as useful as an umbrella in a tent, but Boateng gets a foot in to clear. That was another good chance for Bayern, and it came from the first real purposeful surge forward by Contento.

Ribery turned and laid the ball off to him, and the cross from the left was superb. Henry Winter - Bosingwa a lucky boy.

Should have been booked for going through the back of Ribery. A cold glass of Amstel for that man! Cahill advances into the Bayern half, Boateng comes across to cut him off, Cahill decides to take the contact and plummets to the turf with aplomb.

And they say English players aren't as technically gifted as their continental counterparts when it comes to winning free-kicks. Anyway, Mata with a free-kick in a dangerous position Will he be the new Florent Malouda or the former Gillingham trainee?

He tries to shimmy past Philipp Lahm. Lahm lets out a loud, throaty chuckle at Bertrand's impudence, and wins the ball.

Bertrand may be beginning to wish he'd never written that letter to Jim in the first place. If he were English, a hundred armchair pundits would be calling for him to be dropped from the Euro squad for that.

Think he trod on Muller's boot at the same time. Free-kick about 22 yards from goal, perfectly set up for Arjen Robben Robben steps in and shakes them from their reverie.

There isn't a red shirt attacking it, and it's an easy claim for Cech. Headed away by Drogba. Every Chelsea player in his own half, and so Bayern win the ball back easily and come again.

Bayern are getting closer and closer! And a superb save from Petr Cech! Robben was on the edge of the area and tried to ghost his way past Bosingwa with Ribery as a decoy.

Remarkably it works, and he has time to snap a shot between Cahill's legs, which Cech can't have seen until very late indeed. He saves with his feet.

Bayern corner, and Cech's come a long way for that! Just as well he got a hand on it! Robben was unmarked and waiting hungrily with big pointy teeth.

The ball comes back into the area and Gomez is free! Oh, he's fluffed it! He tries a Cruyff turn to give himself an open goal and loses the ball.

Bosingwa then tries to clear and slices it behind his own goal for another corner. Chelsea are flailing around like a team who have just realised their manager got fired by West Brom.

Robben down the centre, Ribery down the left. It goes to Ribery, and his left-footed cross is blocked by Bosingwa.

Ribery crosses are a bit like Barbara Streisand albums. You have to get through quite a few before you come across a good one. Meanwhile, Feargus Carroll confirms: Luiz did well there to put him off the header, but Bosingwa went to sleep for a few seconds.

There was absolutely no pressure on Ribery to deliver the cross, but Luiz had spotted the danger and was manhandling Gomez sufficiently to send the header over the bar.

Paul Hayward - Cahill twitchy about Bosingwa stepping up and allowing Ribery to get behind. Di Matteo has reminded him too. Bayern have such good width.

All right, it's in their own half, but it's only right they take a little time to reacquaint themselves with the feel of a football on their foot, and for Ryan Bertrand to finish taking his photos.

The whistle's gone for something. Ribery doesn't really like this at all. Mata gets the ball on the right and has two unmarked Chelsea players at the back post, but can't find either of them.

Lahm gratefully heads away, and Bayern can break! It's the first time they've had any sort of space to run at Chelsea, but Robben wastes the chance by shooting well over from 20 yards.

Can he keep it in? He can, but his cross hits Cole and Chelsea can come away with it. Cahill with another clearance on the stretch as Ribery tries to find a way through.

Chelsea are getting pressed back, and pressed deep. Schweinsteiger picks the ball up 25 yards out after Muller wins the ball in the Chelsea half and lashes it at goal.

Off Cahill, deflected behind. The corner comes to Kroos on the corner of the area, who shoots and drags it wide.

It's been all Bayern so far. Ribery tries to take it around Bosingwa, misses the ball and falls flat on his behind, and then appeals for a corner.

You've got to admire that kind of spunk. Ribery gathers the ball, cuts inside, passes backwards. Robben glides down the right wing and predictably is accosted by around eight blue shirts.

Robben's pass is intercepted, Mikel looks to play it through to Mata, and Schweinsteiger sticks out a hand to block it. That's a free-kick, and a yellow card for Schweinsteiger.

Late and lusty on Toni Kroos. Robben with a free-kick about 40 yards out. Both teams on the pitch? Uefa dignitaries all safely fed, watered and suppositoried?

Ryan Bertrand starting on the left wing in the Champions League final? Bring on the final! There is a coin toss. The result is inconclusive.

Henry Winter - Bayern Munich fans I don't care how often you see it, but the idea of 22 professional footballers each walking out onto the park with a small child on their arm will never stop being weird.

That's what eight months of trying to communicate with Luiz Felipe Scolari will do to you. Count the missed penalties.

You won't believe professional footballers could miss this many penalties. Fabio Capello has ruled himself out of the Chelsea job.

In other breaking news, Jonathan Liew rules himself out the Chelsea job. If they are even watching it, at least. If the world is a street, Greece are currently the ones sneaking up Turkey's front path trying to steal a glance at the football through the window.

Roy Keane, one of ITV's pundits tonight, missed the Champions League final through suspension, and is asked what the likes of Ivanovic and Ramires will be going through.

He's then asked what suspended players do on the night of the final. The hashtag prayforryan has been trending on Twitter for the last couple of hours.

Ahhhhh prostrate thyselves before the magic trophy. It's a bit of a stretch to describe their hatred for Chelsea as equivalent to their hatred of Arsenal, but over the last decade the gap has definitely closed.

It all began with Chelsea poaching Frank Arnesen, which preciptated three or four seasons during which Chelsea consistenly outbid Tottenham for every single player they were trying to sign.

Anyway, if Chelsea ending up taking their place in next season's Champions League, I think we might have an equilateral triangle of mutual opprobrium on our hands.

Here's Benoit Assou-Ekotto's take:. Benoit Assou-Ekotto - Tonight all the Spurs fans are allowed to switch a spurs shirt againts a Bayern shirt only during 90 minutes!

Come on Munich Yes u can. Here he is below sharing a joke with Arjen Robben, while earlier he was involved in an animated discussion with Fabio Capello.

Fab, I need a favour from you. But John, I gave up my job for you. What more can you ask of me? You've still got all the WAGs' phone numbers, right?

This has often been billed as a victory for expansive, attacking football over negative, defensive catenaccio.

Which is true to some extent, but Inter's defeat was not due to a lack of attacking resources. If you have the likes of Sandro Mazzola and Mario Corso in your team, setting out your stall and playing for a isn't the best way of using them.

Yet this is exactly what Inter did. They scored early - too early really - then tried to sit back for 84 minutes. Stevie Chalmers scored the winning goal four minutes from time, and must surely have thought that it would forever be the greatest contribution in a European Cup final by a player named Stevie.

The bus pulls up at the Allianz Arena, where the driver John Terry gets out and leads the Chelsea team into the stadium, where they are greeted by Uefa ambassador John Terry and stadium manager John Terry.

The team make their way to their dressing room, where they find hanging on the wall 18 shirts, all embazoned with the name TERRY on them Terry wakes up with a jolt.

The bus has arrived at the stadium. With a sad, glazed-over look in his eyes, he rouses himself and gathers up his man-bag.

He's vowed to play some part tonight, despite not being able to play any football. Will he be on the Chelsea bench?

Will he lead Chelsea up the steps to collect their losers' medals? Will he referee the game? The big question tonight, then, is this: If you've got a healthy imagination and are handy with Photoshop, you can play this game too.

We're also five minutes from the start of Sky Sports's live coverage. Who's going to win the battle of the broadcasters? Gary Neville or Ron Atkinson?

Roy Keane or Graeme Souness? Clive Tyldesley or Martin Tyler? All right, I was having you on about Ron Atkinson. And a huge night for Ryan Bertrand, who's done fantastically well, considering he's a Bela Guttmann's finest hour.

And, possibly, the apogee of Portuguese football. This was a similar Real Madrid side to that of two years earlier, but a good deal had changed in the intervening period around miles to the west.

Under Guttmann, Benfica had assembled an exciting, talented, home-grown side, playing an exciting, fluid system that mirrored the great Brazilian teams of the era.

Oh, and they also had a kid called Eusebio, who was playing in his first European Cup final. Benfica were defending champions, having beaten Barcelona the previous night, yet Real raced into a lead through a Puskas double.

Benfica dragged the match back, but Real still led at half-time, whereupon Guttmann pulled off a tactical masterstroke.

He assigned Domiciano Cavem to do a man-marking job, not on Puskas who had scored all three goals, but Di Stefano. Benfica wrapped up the game in a dazzling minute spell early in the second half and looked set to establish a new era of Portuguese dominance.

Instead, Guttmann walked out at the end of the season due to a financial dispute, and Benfica haven't won the competition since. Tony Fernandes - Okay off to munich.

Watch the euro cup final. Boris Becker - Just arrived in munich,plane was full of chelsea supporters! Paul Hayward - The "passion" in English grounds is rightly celebrated but you should see these Bayern fans in Munich city centre.

London will be cheering for you to bring home the cup! They've had a strange sort of season, really. They managed to keep hold of most of their stars during the summer and shored up the back five with the signings of Manuel Neuer, Rafinha and Jerome Boateng.

Curiously, though, it was going forward where they looked most impressive. Mario Gomez has scored 41 in all competitions this season. Winning the Champions League on home soil would most likely be the most glorious moment in the club's history.

But it's been a dissatisfying season too, for so many reasons. Borussia Dortmund sealed their status as the leading team in German football by winning a second consecutive Bundesliga with a record points tally, doing the treble over Bayern in the process.

Dortmund won both league fixtures before thrashing them in the German cup final in Berlin last weekend. For Bayern, ascension to the top step of European football may well coincide with their displacement from the pinnacle of the German game.

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Real Madrid 13th title. Real Madrid 13 titles. Match was won during extra time. Match was won on a penalty shoot-out. Match was won after a replay.

Parc des Princes , Paris. Heysel Stadium , Brussels. Hampden Park , Glasgow. Wankdorf Stadium , Bern. Olympisch Stadion , Amsterdam. Wembley Stadium , London.

Prater Stadium , Vienna. San Siro , Milan. De Kuip , Rotterdam. Leander Paes bows out in doubles quarterfinals.

Nelson's 'big future' no ticket to England spot - Southgate. Chelsea legend Didier Drogba set to visit India on November Australia beats South Africa to snap losing streak.

Manchester City wants derby revenge, says Aymeric Laporte. France coach Deschamps hopes Martial can maintain Man United form. Manchester City v Manchester United: Can Paul Pogba revisit derby-day heroics?

Romelu Lukaku may return for Manchester derby. Who will take up the Edwards-Taylor mantle for England? Lahiri shoots 65 to be Tied-fourth, one stroke behind leaders in Mexico.

Sathiyan shocks world number 16 Freitas at Austrian Open. England thumps Sri Lanka for series lead, Herath bows out.

Champions League Finale Bayern Chelsea Video

Chelsea v Bayern: 2012 UEFA Champions League final highlights

Having to snatch quick looks at your mobile coverage. Wife only has passing interest for some reason What a chance for Bayern! A sweeping pass from Philip Lahm picks out Ivica Olic all alone at the back post.

He is caught between two minds and instead of burying the volley, tries to square it for Daniel van Buyten and the ball rolls across the face of goal.

Chelsea's approach will be intriguing because Fernando Torres has looked a real threat since he came on. Sam Tomlin on Twitter: John T, Birmingham, on text: Happened on Fifa earlier so must be true Fernando Torres beats his man wide on the right and swings in a great cross, but it is nicked away from Didider Drogba by a Bayern head.

Chelsea having a good spell now. Former Chelsea player-manager Ruud Gullit on Twitter: Credit where it's due to Petr Cech, he was up so quickly to snaffle the loose ball after he had saved that spot-kick.

There are some very tired looking legs out there now. He had to rely on Neuer to give him the bad news. Arjen Robben netted a penalty in the semi-final against Real Madrid, but that was nearly saved as well.

Chelsea have had more lives than an accident-prone cat tonight. It's a great save if you keep it out. It seemed for a split second that when the ball came back off Cech it might fall to Robben for another bite of the cherry.

They were about to celebrate victory and now Chelsea's hopes have soared again after Petr Cech saved Arjen Robben's penalty.

It may not have been a classic final for the majority but what a last 20 minutes we've had here. First of all Didier Drogba threatens to ruin his superb performance by fouling Franck Ribery inside the box.

It's a clear penalty. Arjen Robben smashes the spot-kick low but it's too central and Petr Cech saves with his legs. Fernando Torres goes down in the are under a Jerome Boateng challenge but there's no penalty given - it would certainly have been soft Chelsea will be reinvigorated.

Chelsea manager Roberto di Matteo is going absolutely mad at his players down there - I've never seen him so animated. You'd think he would be pleased.

Chelsea's first, and only, corner and it was a roaring leap by Drogba - unstoppable. Chelsea are very much in this game.

The spring will be in their legs now. They were gone, it was all over, beaten finalists, Bayern were going to win the trophy.

Extra-time it is then. If this is Didier Drogba's last match for Chelsea he has certainly played his part.

What a fantastic header that was - unstoppable. Down and out and yet revived by the great talisman Didier Drogba. Their fans are starting to believe.

We are into three minutes of stoppage time. For the first time all night Chelsea have plenty of men forward but the move breaks down.

It was a thumping header. I just wonder if Bayern had somebody on the post would they have headed it away?

Sir Les Ferdinand would be proud of this one. Juan Mata swings in a corner from the right, Didier Drogba gets across his marker at the near post to pummel a header into the roof of the net.

Not sure if it was deserved, but Chelsea are level. As you might expect, the giant Allianz Arena is exultant. I just wonder if Petr Cech could have done more with that goal?

Chelsea have now got Fernando Torres on in place of Salomon Kalou. There are five minutes left. You can't say it's not been coming.

Toni Kroos helps in a cross from the left wing, it sails over Mario Gomez and Ashley Cole to Thomas Mueller , who heads down into the turf and up into the roof of the net.

Chelsea on the brink of defeat. Dan Hocking on Twitter: Big handball shout for Chelsea as Franck Ribery chests away a ball - but that's never been a spot kick.

Good decision from referee Pedro Proenca. Thomas Mueller is the latest Bayern player to have a sniff of a chance, but he drags his shot across goal.

Chris, Chester, on text: There are 15 minutes left of normal time in Munich. Franck Ribery beats one man and drives to the byeline, but that man Ashley Cole is there again.

Cole has been superb. Mike Hodgkiss on Twitter: Cole is blocking everything!! We've been waiting for a glimpse of Didier Drogba, and here it is.

He skips away brilliantly from Anatoliy Tymoshchuk down the left and puts in a dangerous low cross which Bayern hack away. Chelsea send on Florent Malouda for Ryan Bertrand.

Sarah, Pontefract, on text: A brilliant defence is just, if not more important as a brilliant attack. It's the backbone of the beautiful game. As some of you have pointed out, I'm not sure playing for penalties against the Germans is a wise move That chat we had before the game about the importance of the first goal looks even more crucial now.

Just over 20 minutes to go. I don't think Juan Mata has been within 30 yards of the ball in this half. It may be enough.

Because it's there for them if they can reach the other level they've got. Bayern win another corner - off Ashley Cole's hands. A muted penalty appeal is waved away though, Cole had turned his back on the ball.

Didier Drogba then shows his defensive qualities again as he shrugs off Philipp Lahm on the edge of the Chelsea box. Bayern's attack against Chelsea's defence.

England may not have many world-class players, but at the highest level Ashley Cole has proved once again tonight that he is one of them.

Didier Drogba would make a terrific centre-half if he ever fancies a Dion Dublin-style switch to the back. He makes a big header to clear from in front of Mario Gomez.

Chelsea are half an hour way from extra-time. Mr Coles on Twitter: Tremendous block from Ashley Cole stops another Arjen Robben shot. We are closing in on the hour mark.

A reminder of the Chelsea bench tonight: Options there, but I don't think Roberto di Matteo will wnt to change it at the minute, will he? England spinner Graeme Swann on Chelsea: It'll finish one-nil to the Russians, a Drogba overhead kick.

Oooh, a heart-stopping moment for Chelsea. Thomas Mueller runs down the left, his cut-back finds Arjen Robben on the edge of the box. His low shot hits Ashley Cole and spins out to Franck Ribery, who applies the finishng touch.

But he is ruled - correctly - offside. Richard Maguire, Belfast, on text: If Chelsea win the Champions League it's because they deserve to win it.

People forget defence is as important as attack. Didier Drogba controls a long ball forward and tries an outrageous yard volley.

It flies wide, but it was not a bad effort at all. Chelsea need to get him into the game. Toni Kroos chances his arm from 25 yards and nearly takes David Luiz's head off with a shot.

It's cleared away but it's all Bayern. If anyone wondered what an assistant manager brings to the table, it's bulletproof football sense like that.

Chelsea assistant manager Eddie Newton: Bayern out of the blocks quickly in the second period as Franck Ribery skips clear down the left and bullets in a cross which David Luiz clears on the stretch.

Sebastian Cook on Twitter: Not a huge amount of love flooding in from you lot for that first half. An early goal in the second half is needed for the neutral I feel.

Everton captain Phil Neville on Twitter: Chelsea are right in this. Bayern continue to probe the flanks with the left wing proving slightly more fruitful for them.

Chelsea have improved their possession as the half has worn on. They actually had more of the ball than Bayern in the last 15 minutes.

I know that's hard to believe but the stats don't lie Wes, Manchester, on text: You might win it but you'll be the most undeserving team EVER!

Surely Roman hasn't spent all that money to watch this. I think Chelsea will be delighted it's at half-time and Roberto di Matteo will accentuate the positives.

In all honestly Gomez should have put Bayern in front. Chelsea have held on a little bit but in the last 10 minutes or so they started to show a little more belief.

Rishi Verma on Twitter: I would be more disgusted with Gary Cahill being sold that 'dropped shoulder' by Gomez than the latter's awful miss! Mario Gomez's wayward finishing has come to Chelsea's aid and Roberto di Matteo's side will need to show more ambition after the interval.

So then, was that pretty much what we expected? Chelsea weren't exactly hanging on but Bayern should be ahead.

Mario Gomez may have scored odd goals this season but he's missed at least two clear-cut chances every time I've seen him play.

Matt, York, on text: Bayern fans in fine voice here - it's the Dominic Matteo song favoured by Leeds fans reverberating around the arena.

The lyrics may be different though. Leigh Tullett on Twitter: Bayern's number 26 - as he is Contento…". He runs on to a Thomas Mueller flick, sells Gary Cahill totally with a drop of the shoulder but then blasts miles over the top.

I retract my Andy Cole comparison. Cole would have tested Petr Cech at least from there. It was a very good break and they moved the ball quickly this time.

Another chance for Mario Gomez at the back post as he runs on to a mishit effort from Franck Ribery, but he can't control it. There was a delightful touch from Arjen Robben in the build-up as well.

Chelsea now alive as Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard combine to find Salomon Kalou on the right, he drills in low but it's easily saved by Manuel Neuer.

This time Bayern should be ahead! Diego Contento crosses in from the left, Mario Gomez is free and connects beautifully with the volley - but it's two yards wide.

He doesn't half miss some chances. Like the German Andy Cole. Ben Epps on Twitter: Chelsea struggling to cope.

Juan Mata lines the free-kick up, he bends one over the wall but it's way too high. First shot for the Blues though Good play from Gary Cahill as he brings it out of defence like a young Alan Hansen.

He plays a one-two with Salomon Kalou and is tripped by Jerome Boateng. But we must see them take care of the ball better - that's the disappointing thing for me.

There is a rare break from Chelsea, with Juan Mata floating in off the flank to release Ryan Bertrand down the left but his touch is poor and Bayern clear.

Mike Linwood on Twitter: When is it Chelsea's turn to go on offense? Arjen Robben pumps his shot into the wall and Chelsea survive.

But at the mid-point of the first half, only two of Bayern's final third attacks are down the middle of the pitch, according to Prozone.

Robben and Frank Ribery are causing huge problems already. Bayern keeping the ball effortlessly as they look to stretch the Chelsea backline.

Thomas Mueller eventually buys a free-kick from David Luiz on the edge of the area Niall Stevenson on Twitter: Just a matter of time before Bayern score.

The big worry so far has been Jose Bosingwa, whose uncertainty has brought a couple of touchline lectures from Roberto di Matteo.

It's wave after wave of Bayern pressure which Chelsea are soaking up fairly well. I've just had a premonition of England at the Euros this summer.

We could be seeing plenty more of this Oh, the closest we've come yet! Arjen Robben drifts over into the centre of the pitch, he beats two defenders easily and drives in a low shot which Petr Cech is fortunate to see come off his shins and up on to the crossbar.

Chelsea living on the edge. For all the pre-match chat of Ryan Bertrand, I don't think he's touched the ball yet.

Chelsea are very disciplined in their shape though. Usman, London, on text: It's going to take more than that spider on Kalou's head to scare Bayern Munich.

Bayern win a corner which is vollyed in at the back post by Arjen Robben, the ball flies across goal and out for another corner.

Thomas Mueller then finds Mario Gomez in space but he tries to take a touch instead of shooting and the chance has gone.

There have been a couple of opportunities where Bayern have cut in but Petr Cech has not been tested. It is important Chelsea keep their shape.

Di Matteo leading them up the steps. What a moment for him. What a moment for this Chelsea side. Hearty congratulations to all of them.

Meanwhile, Chelsea are not standing at the bottom of the steps graciously applauding. They're still rapt in celebration. Clearly he's about to lift the trophy like the leader he is.

Even though the team, led by someone else, did perfectly well without him tonight. Bet he's going to chuck it in the wash afterwards as well.

The man really is a complete dong. Written in the stars? A blue angel in their goal? They ran and ran and defended and defended, and when they had to score a goal, they scored a goal.

That, in a sort of roundabout way, is football. The number of times in this competition when we thought they were buried.

About half a dozen times tonight. And yet Gary Cahill's now a Champions League winner. I don't try to explain it, but those are the facts for you.

He can't quite believe it. This time 18 months ago, he was getting fired by West Brom. This time next year, to be fair, he's probably going to be getting fired by West Brom again.

Paul Hayward - How many people thought Drogba would score the winner here. But what a way to do it.

Give that man a contract. Didier Drogba sends Neuer the wrong way! Chelsea have completed the unlikeliest of triumphs!

And who is it stepping up to win the Champions League for Chelsea? It's only Didier Drogba. Bayern Chelsea It's all square! Cole tucks it hard to Neuer's left!

Comfortable height for him diving to his left. Ashley Cole to level the shootout Bayern Chelsea Low and to the left! Superb penalty by Neuer!

Lampard doesn't have to score, but he'd jolly well like to Bayern Chelsea Luiz with a perfect penalty! Smashed it to his right, and into the side of the goal!

Chelsea have a foothold! And you're not going to believe this. Manuel Neuer 's taking next Bayern Chelsea Gomez scores!

Perfect low penalty to Cech's left. It's going to be David Luiz Poor penalty, similar to Robben's Bayern Chelsea Lahm places it to Cech's left at a decent height!

Cech guessed right but couldn't save! That's going to be where the shoot-out is. Robben getting a pat on the back from Schweinsteiger.

Does that mean he's taking one? Players, coaches, staff, subs, the lot. Probably a mascot in there as well. It's just for show, really.

Terry's probably picking the penalty-takers. Price, not value, obviously. He kicks it too far in front of him, though, and fouls Boateng as he tries to recover.

Torres booked for carrying on with play. Bosingwa eventually takes it. It's nudged out for another throw-in. It takes Bosingwa 20 seconds to take that.

That's the th minute in full. It's penalties, isn't it? Paul Hayward - It's nonsense because both teams came up short, but compare a Real Madrid-Barcelona final to the one we've seen here, quality wise.

Chance to clip the ball into the area, but it's overhit and Cech can catch easily. Robben's been a broken husk of a man since missing that penalty.

I'd take him off and bring Pranjic on. In a night of unlikely occurences, that is possibly the unlikeliest of the lot. Schweinsteiger comes away with it.

Bosingwa intercepts his pass, but there are now at least three Chelsea players, Cahill and Mata among them, who are very nearly out for the count.

You could go up to Juan Mata right now and knock him over with a folded copy of Loot. Robben with the ball on the right wing. He comes inside, further inside, further inside, and eventually pulls the trigger from 20 yards.

It's sliced into the crowd. Bosingwa forces his backwards. The ball is worked out to Lahm on the right, who pulls it back to Gomez. Cahill flies in, every nerve and sinew and ounce of sweat dedicated to getting to the ball ahead of Gomez.

He puts it out for a corner, but he's gone down with cramp in the process. Cahill wants a foul, quite rightly, but doesn't get one. What a chance that was!

Was it even a chance, or was it a cross for Van Buyten? Lahm with a surging, startling turn of pace towards the edge of the Chelsea area.

He clips the ball to the back post, where a completely unmarked Olic can advance on the ball. He stabs at it with his left foot and it goes between Cech and Van Buyten, who would have had an open goal six yards out, and dribbles just wide.

I think it's a moot point, Thom. John Terry will be the one giving the trophy out. Robben's through ball hits Lampard, and Chelsea can clear.

Right, quick turnaround and off we go. Fifteen minutes for both teams to avoid penalties. That doesn't apply to Arjen Robben, who you assume will be avoiding penalties for quite a while.

Lampard comes along and fouls him. Kroos takes it, Drogba clears it, and that's half-time in extra time. It's a Hollywood script.

He's clipped it wide to Fernando Torres. Can Torres find a cross? There are three blue shirts unmarked at the back post, but again Lahm rises highest and heads it away.

You've got to salute someone with cojones that size. It's all slowed down a bit, by the way. Both teams have been running around for almost two hours.

They're probably pretty tired. Paolo Ferreira's getting ready to come on for Chelsea, by the way. Olic tries to turn Bosingwa, Bosingwa gets in his way, and skilfully wins a free-kick.

Ivica Olic on in his place. Free-kick to Bayern on the right. Van Buyten chests it down and shoots.

How many lives are Chelsea going to get? It was a poor penalty from Robben, low to Cech's left, but far, far too close to the centre.

Cech didn't save it cleanly, but managed to gather at the second attempt just before Robben could follow up!

We see a shot of Schweinsteiger facing Neuer in his own half. He was waiting for the cheer from the home fans Slight delay as Ribery's stayed down.

Drogba booked for that tackle, by the way. Ribery tried to dance the ball into the area, Drogba just clipped his heels as Ribery surged past, and Pedro Proenca pointed straight at the spot!

He goes down in the area and begs for a penalty, but Chelsea have retained the ball. Mata's shot is blocked.

Lampard's shot is deflected. Lahm heads it away, but Chelsea have started extra time like a train We could be in for a late night, is all I'm saying.

We're under way again. We've got another half an hour of this, you know. Over the next 30 minutes, we're going to have tired footballers, argy-bargy, surely at least one red card, end-to-end breakaways and very possibly the sight of a Champions League final penalty shoot-out unfolding before your eyes as a series of letters and icons.

Glad you could join us. He's been standing over it ever since the free-kick was given. Mata then tries to go past Ribery, and is fouled!

Free-kick to Chelsea, 25 yards out! Cleared out for a throw. Is there another twist in normal time? Cross from the right again, beaten away by Neuer.

Chelsea still with it Kroos crosses from the right. It's headed away, but Robben comes back with a shot. How much injury time?

Chelsea have arisen from the dead again! Mata with the corner from the right, and Drogba stole in at the near post and simply willed the ball in!

One minute from the end, and we'll try not to mention that night in Barcelona Two Bayern players with him. Contento slides in at full stretch and puts it out for a corner.

Chelsea have to pile everything forward now! He fluffs his shot, and Cech can smother it at full stretch. Van Buyten centre-back, large for Muller forward, small.

Four minutes left, and a free-kick on the Bayern right. Bayern Munich Chelsea Muller Muller heads the ball in at the far post!

Has that goal won Bayern Munich the Champions League? Cole got drawn towards the ball as it came in from the left, Luiz was also ball-watching, and Muller could get in to head the ball downwards.

It bounced at Cech's feet, he couldn't keep the ball out, and the ball bounced up into the roof of the net! Comfortable save by Cech.

Cross from the left, and Muller rose above Cole, but couldn't get enough power behind it. High ball in the area, and Ribery leapt to intercept, but it was chest, not arm.

Ten minutes left and we're no nearer knowing whether Chelsea are going to be playing Champions League or Europa League football next season.

I mean, that's the main issue tonight, right? Schweinsteiger charges in to block. For all their chances, Bayern have, by and large, defended very well.

That's what it's come down to, then, Chelsea. Bayern clear, and that's brilliant work by Ribery to get away from Mikel and Lampard! The ball comes across the area to Muller, who drags disgracefully wide from 12 yards!

Another chance squandered by Bayern. Robben with the ball on the right, but Lampard steals in to block this time. Who will take up the Edwards-Taylor mantle for England?

Lahiri shoots 65 to be Tied-fourth, one stroke behind leaders in Mexico. Sathiyan shocks world number 16 Freitas at Austrian Open.

England thumps Sri Lanka for series lead, Herath bows out. Five Indians to watch out for. We would be very grateful if UEFA gave us the opportunity to again welcome the football world to Munich.

Get your daily dose of Sportstarlive with handpicked stories delivered right to your inbox! John Terry announces retirement.

Mbappe scores four as PSG thumps Lyon. I've not talked long term with Messi - Argentina coach Scaloni. Launchpad to the ultimate prize.

Know your Indian stars. Gothenburg and Prague are hoping to be selected for the Women's Champions League final.

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Champions league finale bayern chelsea -

Dieses gewann die Mannschaft mit 2: Malouda - Drogba Schiedsrichter: Spielminute über das Tor. Sport Feldspieler des Spiels: Der Münchner Plan für die zweiten 45 Minuten war also, Neuer selbst wusste nicht genau, wann er an der Reihe war.

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